Started in 2015, MyFavCorgi now reaches over half a million people.

Hi! My name’s Dane Michael. ​I’m a long-time family dog owner based in sunny Australia.

My first was a beautiful cattle dog my uncle dropped off on my fifth birthday. I moved through two King Charles Cavaliers and a rescue Jack Russell Terrier before my first corgi entered my life in 2014.

​Corgis are beautiful creatures. Their happy faces and furry coats make them a perfect family pet. I hope you too can experience the joy they bring.

About MyFavCorgi

My Favourite Corgi (MyFavCorgi) was first set up to celebrate the corgi. Now, it’s a site to help others buy, train, and raise their corgis from puppy to senior dog.

​The advice on this site helps keep corgis out of shelters and gets them taken into good homes. This is by giving you the key information you need to keep your corgi happy and healthy.

​MyFavCorgi also supports a community of half a million corgi fans dedicated to spreading the joy of corgis and making the world a happier place.

They also contribute advice based on the experiences they’ve had as corgi owners. Join the community now on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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