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Customers don’t want to be bombarded by advertisements. In fact, they actively avoid them when they’re spending time online.

But influencers like MyFavCorgi allow you to bypass that filter and sell in a more subtle way. 

​Using an influencer to boost awareness of products has been part of marketing for centuries. ​Yet its only now that regular business owners like you can jump in on the system quickly and simply.

​When you share your product on our channel, you sell more and make more money.

Our audience

MyFavCorgi has nearly ½ million people who follow us on Instagram as well as followers on Facebook and TikTok.

​These people mostly live in the USA, Australia and Asia, and 70% of our audience are women.

​That makes us the perfect fit for paid posts about pet products, fashion, and accessories.

“Thank you for posting my ad! I had twice as many sales than I have before. Look forward to working with you again”

– Advertising Client

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