Why Are Corgis Cute? 19 Reasons Corgis Are the Cutest Dogs

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Written By Dane Michael

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Corgis are a beloved breed with cute short legs, long bodies, and adorable faces.

These physical characteristics help make them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. But what makes corgis so cute?

Lots of folks think tiny size, large eyes, and fluffy fur make these creatures really cute. And their playful nature adds to the charm because it reminds us of youth and innocence.

But that’s not all. Here’s 19 reasons why corgis are the cutest dog breed and why you should consider one for your corgi.

1. Corgis have cute expressive face

Corgis have unique facial features and their expressive eyes, nose, ears, and mouth contribute directly to their cuteness.

One of the most distinctive features of corgis is their expressive faces, which can convey a wide range of emotions.

This is a result of their history as herding dogs. It was important for them to communicate with their human handlers and other animals.

Corgis have large, expressive eyes and their noses are prominent and pointed. When paired with their small size and plump bodies, it makes them look like little teddy bears.

You’ll often find corgis making faces, from the famous ‘disapproval’ face to big smiles when you come home. This malleable, squishable face helps make them the cute dog we know and love.

2. Corgis have big round eyes

Corgis look cute because of their expressive eyes.

The large size of their eyes is an evolutionary feature that helps them be more aware of danger and prey while they’re on the farm.

The big and round shape of their eyes gives them a cute look. People often find their eyes reminiscent of puppies or innocence, qualities that we commonly associate with cuteness.

3. Corgis have long pointy ears with a rounded tip

Corgis have big ears that stand up straight which help make the face look cuter and smaller. 

The ears of a corgi – long and pointy with a rounded tip – are a unique feature of the breed, and they give the corgi a cute and alert appearance. 

These ears would have originally been useful out on the farm, keeping track of predators and vermin.

The long, pointed shape of their ears allows them to better hear potential threats or prey, while the rounded tip helps to funnel sound into the ear canal.

The pointy ears also make them look more playful, adding to their cuteness.

4. Corgis have slender bodies

Short legs and slender bodies give corgis a puppy-like appearance, even when fully grown. 

Corgis have long, slender bodies. This makes it eas for them to run and move quickly. 

This is an important trait for a herding dog, as they need to be able to move efficiently in order to round up and control the movement of livestock. 

Despite their small size, corgis are intelligent and energetic dogs that require regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Their long body stands in firm contrast to their short legs, and this makes their legs look even smaller and even cuter.

5. Corgis have a soft fluffy coat

Corgis are cute because of their fluffy coats that feel soft when you touch them.

These dogs are famous for their thick and dense fur, which has a silky texture. This type of coat not only protects them from the weather but also keeps them warm in cold conditions.

Pembroke Welsh corgis have very smooth fur, while cardigans have a coarser texture. The fluffiness of their coats is one of the reasons why corgis are so adorable. Their thick and full fur makes them appear cuddly and perfect for hugs.

6. Corgis have pretty colours and markings on their fur

Corgis have unique colours and markings that add to their cuteness. 

You’ve seen corgis with their pretty colours and markings on their fur. Corgi coats come in a variety of colours, including red, fawn, sable, black, and tan. 

Their markings are often symmetrical and include white patches on the face, chest, and legs. This is a result of their genetics and breeding and can vary from dog to dog. 

Dogs (and humans) can use their colors and markings to distinguish themselves from others of the same breed. Plus, they look beautiful too.

7. Corgis have cute tails

Many corgis have docked tails that highlight their cute bottom. However, those that have tails, often have brush tails, which look cute too.

There are two types of Welsh corgis – Cardigan and Pembroke. Cardigan Welsh corgis have full-length brush tails. Pembroke Welsh corgis usually have a short, docked tail

Many countries have now taken steps to ban tail docking. Which I think is fair, the long tail is just as cute, and better for the dog.

​8. Corgis have cute butts

Corgis are known for their fluffy butt, which has a familiar love heart shape in the fur.

Many people find the shape of a corgi’s backside to be particularly adorable, and the breed has become known for having cute butts.

The fluffy butt is also one of the most distinctive features of the breed, and it is what many people think of when they think of a corgi.

This fluffy area is the result of their thick double coat, which keeps them warm and helps to protect them from the elements. 

People like corgi butts for a variety of reasons, such as the shape of the hindquarters, the fluffy tail, or the overall fluffy appearance of the breed. But, mostly, because they’re so damn cute!

9. Corgis have tiny little legs

Corgis have short legs that are the main contributor to their cute puppy-like stature.

Their tiny legs give them a unique, low-to-the-ground appearance that many people find adorable. 

Despite their short legs, corgis are actually quite athletic and agile. They were originally bred to be herding dogs, and their small stature allowed them to nip at the heels of cattle without being kicked. 

They are also known for their endurance and stamina, and they can keep up with much larger dogs on long walks or hikes.

In my opinion, it’s always cute to watch this tiny bundle of energy racing around the yard, moving their tiny legs as fast as the eye can see.

10. Corgis are small

Due to their short legs and active personalities, corgis are a cute small dog that are perfect for cuddling and carrying around. 

Corgis are a small dog breed. They only weigh 10kg to 15kg (20-30lbs) and stand 25cm to 30cm (10-12 inches) tall at the shoulder.

This means that they are small enough to sit comfortably in your lap, while being strong and sturdy enough to play and run.

Their small size makes them well-suited to living in apartment, as long as you have access to lots of space to exercise. 

Because they are small, they are also great dogs for kids and families. This only makes them cuter!

​11. Corgis are energetic

One reason for the popularity of corgis is their highly energetic personalities. This, in contrast to their small size, makes them very cute.

Corgis are a very energetic dog breed. Their natural instinct is to be constantly moving and working. 

As a result, they have a lot of energy and require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. 

Corgis need to be taken on long daily walks or runs. They also enjoy playing games and participating in activities like agility training or fetch.

It’s important for corgi owners to provide their dogs with plenty of opportunities to burn off their energy and stay active. 

12. Corgis are playful

Corgis are adorable because they are cheerful and love to have fun.

These dogs are smart and curious, always eager to check out new places. They really enjoy going to the dog park on a sunny day.

Corgis like playing games, whether it’s pulling on an old rope or fetching their favorite ball. They’re not only happy playing with people and other dogs but also make great pals for kids and families.

They’re not just cute; they’re also great at bringing joy to those around them with their playful behavior.

​13. Corgis are friendly with other dogs and animals

A corgi’s friendly personality that make them a cute companion if you’ve got other pets.

Corgis are incredibly social animals. They love nothing more than hanging out with their owner and going out on a trek to the dog park.

This breed is very happy to interact with other dogs, even though it may be accompanied by a little bit of barking to begin with.

Their friendly nature makes them approachable and easy to love. If you’re looking for an extra dog to add to your bustling home, a corgi could be the right choice for you.

14. Corgis are good with kids

Corgis are great with kids. There’s nothing cuter than seeing your little loved ones all playing together.

One of the reasons why corgis are good with kids is because they are small and low to the ground. This makes them less intimidating and easier for children to handle. 

Corgis are also sturdy and strong for their size, which means that they can play rough without getting hurt.

Another reason why corgis are good with kids is because they are highly social animals. 

They love being around people and are always eager to make new friends. Corgis are also playful and energetic, which makes them a great playmate for kids.

Plus, their cuteness is compounded whenever kids are involved.

15. Corgis are good with guests

It’s very cute to watch your corgi gently approach a stranger and give them a soft lick on the hand.

In addition to their playful personalities and adorable physical appearance, corgis are also known for their affectionate nature. 

If you’re the type to have guests around, a corgi will be there ready to welcome them at the door. They may be a little hesitant at first (and you should be prepared for some barking), with a gentle touch and a soothing voice, they’ll quickly be won over.

This kind nature is one of the cute traits that I appreciate most in my corgi.

​16. Corgis are smart

Another reason why corgis are so cute is their intelligence. 

Corgis are known for their quick minds and ability to learn new tricks and commands

They are often eager to please their owners and are highly trainable. This makes them a joy to work with and allows them to excel in a variety of activities, such as agility competitions and obedience trials.

Corgis also benefit from regular mental stimulation, such as training sessions, puzzle toys, and interactive games.

They are intelligent and loyal dogs that thrive on attention and affection. This intelligence makes them more engaging and enjoyable to be around than many other dogs, which adds to their cuteness.

​17. Corgis are versatile and good at lots of things

​Corgis are incredibly versatile dogs, and it is very cute watching them try to do things more suited for a bigger dog.

Despite their small size, they are known for their big personalities and their boundless energy, and it is always amusing to see them trying to do things that are more suited for larger dogs.

Because they are so energetic and determined, they often attempt to tackle tasks that are beyond their physical capabilities. 

For example, they may try to play with a dog that is much bigger than they are. In these cases, their sheer enthusiasm and determination often make up for their lack of size, and they can be quite comical to watch.

They are outgoing and always willing to try new things, which makes them a joy to be around.

18. Corgis are adaptable

One cute little fact about corgis is that they can thrive in a variety of homes and fit a mix of personalities. This makes them a great option for all sorts of families.

This makes them a great choice for those who want a companion that can keep up with them, not matter their lifestyle.

Picture it now. After a long day at work, you finally arrive home. As soon as you open the door, your dog comes bounding over to greet you. 

No matter what you want to do, they’re ready. You smile as you bend down to give them a big hug and a pat on the head. Or you and your dog head into the living room to relax for a bit. Or you toss a ball for them to fetch, and you play for a few minutes before you start dinner.

Whatever your plans are, corgis are ready to make the most of them.

​19. Corgis are loyal and protective

​Corgis are also very protective of their owners and are willing to defend them if they feel threatened. This contrasts with their small size and is very cute.

Imagine your kids are going on a walk with your corgi. Your corgi had been trained to watch over your kids and make sure they’re safe. Every time a car drove by or a stranger approached, your corgi would bark and nudge them to stay close. 

Corgis take their job very seriously, and your family will feel safe and happy with your loyal corgi by your side.

Their combination of intelligence, trainability, and loyalty makes them a fantastic breed for families, and just one great reason why they’re so cute.

Final thoughts on why corgis are cute

From their fluffy butt to their big ears and their playful nature, there are many reasons why people find corgis to be cute, adorable and lovable companions.

Overall, corgis are considered to be one of the cutest dog breeds due to their unique combination of physical features and personality traits. 

Whether they are herding sheep on a farm or cuddled up on the couch with their owners, corgis are sure to bring joy and cuteness to any situation.

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