Corgis With Round Ears, Explained

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Ask any pet owner to scroll through the image gallery on their phones. You’ll be greeted with an avalanche of heartwarming snapshots capturing the endearing antics of their beloved animal friend.

Among these cherished four-legged friends, none quite steal the spotlight like corgis. These charming canines have an undeniable charm that transcends the boundaries of cuteness.

However, in the ever-evolving world of social media, a new trend has emerged that’s been melting hearts and capturing the attention of pet enthusiasts worldwide. It’s corgis with round ears – and they’re adorable.

Do corgis have round ears?

Yes, corgis have long rounded ears that come to a more pointed tip. While the corgis you see on this page are edited, corgis do in nature have rounded ears.

Pembroke welsh corgis have ears the look a bit like a fox. In puppies, they are more rounded, before coming to a more nature rounded point in adults.

Cardigan welsh corgis typically retain their puppy roundedness into adulthood. However, like the Pembroke, these are distinctly different for the totally circular mouse ears people are creating to post online.

You can see the natural rounded ears of a pembroke puppy here:

​Why do corgis have big ears?

Corgis have big ears as a result of their breeding history and functionality – large, erect ears help them with keen hearing that lets them excel in their herding duties.

Corgis are born with large floppy ears, and as they mature, their ears will rise and stand upright.

Large ears have a functional purpose. For example, as corgis were originally bred for watching livestock, large ears may help to amplify sounds and aid in locating predators.

Another reason is that large ears may serve as a means of communication and expression. Corgis use their ears to convey a range of emotions, such as alertness, fear, and aggression, and large ears may make these cues more visible to other dogs and people. These would have been favourable genetic traits to pass down.

Finally, large ears may simply be a breed characteristic. Many breeds of dogs, including corgis, are known for their distinctive physical features, such as large ears, long tails, or short legs. These features are often the result of selective breeding practices and are considered to be part of the breed’s standard appearance.

Where do the corgis with the round ears​​ come from?

It all seems a bit odd, a little bit out of the ordinary… So what’s REALLY going on here!

​The strange mutation you see before you is thankfully NOT the result of some bizarre breeding experiment cut from the script of a bad 80s movie. It’s just a mind-bendingly cute image created with the help of an app.

Yes, the app is transforming dogs and cats, and of course, your favourite corgis, into cute new creatures with round and furry mouse ears.

The apps allow you to manipulate images with different photo editing options. The rounded ear feature caught on quickly, with pet owners loving the way the small change transforms the look of the whole animal.

The app’s realistic effect is incredibly impressive, with the round Mickey Mouse ears seamlessly blending in to match each individual animal’s face, shape and colouring.

​That’s why so many people are assuming they’re real!

What’s the app to give my corgi round ears?

There are hundreds of apps released everyday, so this list is never going to be comprehensive. But what I will do is recommend two great options that you can use to give round ears to you corgi. Simply download the apps to your phone or tablet and start editing. 

1. Cymera 

​Cymera is hugely popular with pet owners in Japan and the US. This easy-to-use app makes editing pictures a breeze, meaning your corgi selfie game is about to level up. To get in on the photo trend, you can download the Cymera app for Android and for iOS.

To get your corgi ears:

  1. Open Cymera app on your phone
  2. Go to “EDIT” menu and pick your favourite corgi picture
  3. Go to “BEAUTY” menu and choose “LIQUIFY” function to edit your pet ears!

And there you have it, beautiful round ears for your corgi.

2. Meitu

The Meitu app is a more recent addition that has come out of China. It is an all-in-one photo and video free editor on mobile, which gives you everything you need to create edits of your pet. You can download it for Android and for iOS.

The essence of the app is to make plastic surgery happen, without the pain or expense of actual surgery. Using the app, you can shape the ears to make them perfectly mouse-like.

Are round eared corgis real?

Sadly not! This cute little creature isn’t available to find in real life, so for now, you’ll have to be content with seeing them online.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a corgi of your own. Rounded pointy ears are just as cute – and much healthier for the breed. And there’s nothing like seeing their little face when you get home from a long day.

Here’s what people have been comparing to round-ear corgis

Yes, there’s no denying it. ​There’s funny little creatures definitely have some mirror matches. Let’s take a dive into what they are.

Corgi with Mickey Mouse ears

I can definitely see the resemblance to this iconic Disney figure when it comes to the shape of the ears on both of them.

Corgi with Goma ears

Goma is a Maltese and Papillon pedigree crossbreed from Tokyo, Japan who has gotten very famous on Instagram because of their beautiful fluffy round ears.

Can you see the similarities between these two dogs?

Final thoughts on corgis with round ears

As you may know, the best photo editing apps can improve and enhance even your best photos, whether you’re a casual photographer, a pro or a social media influencer.  And that’s definitely what’s going on here!

So while these corgis may be exclusive for social media – that doesn’t make them any less fun to look at. I recommend checking out #corgimouseears on Instagram for more.

Have fun! And don’t forget to follow @myfavcorgi while you’re there.

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