Are Corgis Endangered? Know the Threats to This Lovable Breed

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Corgis have captured the hearts of many with their adorable appearance, playful personalities, and loyalty. They have become a common household pet and a favourite among dog lovers.

Yes, they are certainly a a popular breed. But you may have heard whispers on the wind that they are in danger of becoming extinct. So, where are these rumours coming from?

Understanding the threats to this beloved breed is important to ensure that we can continue to enjoy their company for years to come.

Are corgis endangered?​

Corgis are not currently classified as an endangered breed, but their population did see a decline in the early 2010s. Thankfully, this trend is reversing, and the corgi is growing in popularity around the globe.

This decline in popularity led to concerns about the future of the breed and whether or not they were able to continue to thrive.

The first reports of declining numbers for corgis appeared in 2013, when it was noted that only 300 were registered with the British Kennel Club.

However, this decline was specific only to the UK. And thankfully, the situation has improved.

In 2021, Pembroke Welsh Corgi registrations saw a 38% increase and reached a record high of 1,223, the highest in almost 30 years.

This coincided with the start of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations for the Queen, who was also the patron of The Kennel Club. Her passing in 2022 also led to an increase in attention to the corgi breed.

Outside the UK, numbers have consistently remained strong – particularly across the pond in the United States.

According to the American Kennel Club, corgis were the 11th most popular breed in 2020, down from 9th in 2019. So yes, a slight decline, but still very highly ranked among all dogs.

Why is the population of corgis declining?​

The decline in the popularity of corgis was attributed to a variety of reasons – but mostly, the rise in popularity of other breeds. One other key factor to be aware of though is danger that irresponsible breeding can pose to the corgi.

The popularity of breeds is always a changing list, with different dogs rising and falling in popularity over time.

Corgis are not exempt from this, and it is crucial to understand the potential dangers they face.

One key factor is a reduction in breeding numbers. This occurs when people opt to adopt other breeds over corgis, or when the demand for corgis decreases. This can result in fewer corgis available.

Irresponsible breeding is also a significant threat to the future of corgis. These practices can lead to a decline in the breed’s health and quality, making them less appealing to potential pet owners.

To ensure that corgis continue to be a popular and healthy breed, it is crucial that breeders adhere to responsible breeding standards established by organisations like the American Kennel Club and the Kennel Club in the UK.

Did corgis almost go extinct?​

No, corgis did not almost go extinct. While numbers certainly did decline in some countries, the breed is not on the brink of extinction.

The breed is still common, and there are many breeders and owners who are dedicated to preserving their heritage and ensuring their continued survival.

The American Kennel Club and other organisations are working to promote the breed and educate people about their unique history.

What is the history of corgi populations?

Corgis have a rich history that dates back to the 10th century. They were originally bred in Wales as herding dogs and were used to move cattle and other livestock.

Over time, they became popular for their small size and friendly dispositions, and they were eventually exported to other countries, including the United States, Canada and Australia.

Today, corgis are beloved pets and are commonly kept as companions, show dogs, and working dogs.

How do we protect corgis for the future?​

To safeguard corgis for future generations, it is essential to take action to address the problems facing corgis. These include selecting good breeders and educating the public.

It is important to ensure that corgis are being treated well and that responsible breeders ensure the health of the breed. Unfortunately, some corgis are sold through pet stores or online classifieds, where they may be exposed to abusive and inhumane conditions.

To prevent this, it is essential to only purchase pets from reputable breeders or animal welfare organisations. Responsible breeders prioritise preserving the breed’s distinct traits and promoting good health over mass production.

It is also critical to educate the public about the breed and highlight its unique history and characteristics. This may be through events, educational programs, and media campaigns.

The Netflix series The Crown has done wonders in promoting this breed to the public. And certainly the breed has been boosted by the growth of social media and influencer culture, as many influencers share pictures and videos of their corgis online.

Despite periods of decline in popularity, the future of corgis appears optimistic. Corgis are a great choice for families looking for a dog, and through collaboration, we can help ensure the longevity of corgis and maintain their status as beloved pets.

The Queen’s Corgi is a 2019 animated kids film. It is one of many pop culture corgis that have helped regrow the popularity of this beautiful breed.

Are corgis rare?​

No, despite a slight decline in global popularity, corgis are not considered rare, and they are still a popular breed.

The Welsh corgi has been consistently listed in the top 20 of most popular dog breeds in the United States for several decades, according to the American Kennel Club.

However, their popularity has also led to an increase in backyard breeding and puppy mills, so it is important to adopt from a responsible breeder or shelter.

Can dog breeds go extinct?

Yes, dog breeds can go extinct, but the corgi is unlikely to go extinct – at least in our lifetime. Lots of people across the globe are working hard to make sure that doesn’t happen.

This occurs when a breed’s population decreases to the point where it is no longer sustainable, and there are no remaining individuals to continue breeding and preserving the breed.

There are several reasons why a breed may become extinct, including loss of habitat, disease, and lack of interest or support.

In order to prevent the extinction of a breed, it is important to maintain genetic diversity and support breeding programs that follow responsible breeding practices.

Additionally, it is important to raise awareness about the breed and promote its unique traits and history.

Final thoughts on whether corgis are endangered​

Corgis are a wonderful breed, and it’s important to ensure that they are protected for future generations. Corgis are not currently endangered, but their population has declined in recent years.

However, the future of corgis looks bright, with many steps being taken to ensure their future health and well-being.

By promoting responsible breeding, protecting corgis from abuse and neglect, and continuing to raise awareness about this beloved breed, we can ensure that corgis remain a popular and healthy breed for many years to come.

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