How to Play With Your Corgi? 5 Games to Play With Your Dog

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Today, I’m delving into the realm of “How to play with your corgi!”

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep up with the boundless energy of these adorable pups, fret not. I’ve got just the tips and tricks to make playtime an absolute blast.

From tug-of-war sessions to spirited fetch games, I’ll explore all the fun ways to keep your corgi entertained and happy. Get ready to wag those tails and paws, for we’re about to unlock a world of canine delight.

Are corgis playful dogs?

Absolutely! Corgis are known for their playful and spirited nature. They have a playful and friendly temperament, making them excellent companions.

Corgis are often described as energetic, affectionate, and always up for a good play session.

Their playful behaviour is attributed to their herding background. Corgis were originally bred to work on farms herding cattle. This history has left them with a natural instinct to chase and round up, which often translates into playful behaviour with toys, games, and even people.

Corgis typically enjoy interactive play, whether it’s a game of fetch, tug of war, chasing a frisbee, or engaging in herding-like activities. They thrive on mental stimulation and physical exercise, making playtime an essential aspect of their daily routine.

It’s important to note that every dog, including corgis, may have individual variations in their personality and play preferences. Some corgis may be more enthusiastic about playtime than others, but in general, the breed is known for its playfulness.

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5 games to play with your corgi

Down for some play time? There are lots of great games you can play with your dog.

Here are some of my favourite that you can try today to keep your furry friend happy and entertained.

1. Play fetch with your corgi

Playing time: 15–30 minutes

Ah, playing fetch — a timeless favorite in the world of doggy games!

So, you’ve got your trusty tennis ball, maybe a squeaky toy your pup adores, or that soft plush bone ready for a high-flying adventure. Just give it a good toss and watch your dog go zooming after it.

Imagine your cute corgi, all hyped up and dashing towards the prize with those adorable little legs working in overdrive. It’s the kind of game that’ll make tails wag and bring out big smiles all around! And not only does it get your corgi moving, but it’s a great mental workout too.

Of course, safety is key here! Here’s how you start.

Find a secure, peaceful spot away from the daily chaos where your corgi can unleash their inner athlete. Make sure to choose a ball or toy that’s safe for your pup. Pick something they can easily carry without any choking worries.

Start with a gentle toss, and as your corgi gains confidence, let those throws go farther and higher! Pay attention to their cues – when those puppy dog eyes start to droop a bit, it’s probably time for a water break and a cosy cuddle session.

For more information, read my full guide on how to teach your corgi to fetch.

Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to spice things up a bit – toss the ball in unexpected directions or let it fly into the wilds of the backyard for that extra fun factor!

2. Play frisbee with your corgi

Playing Time: 15–30 minutes

Playing frisbee with your corgi is a fantastic way to engage their body and their brain.

Picture your corgi gracefully leaping through the air, eagerly chasing after the frisbee. It’s a sight to behold and a testament to their agility and enthusiasm.

Begin the session with short tosses or gentle rolls of the frisbee on the ground. This allows your corgi to familiarise themselves with the frisbee and piques their curiosity.

As your corgi becomes more adept at catching the frisbee, you can gradually increase the difficulty and height of your throws. Soft frisbees are recommended to avoid any accidents that might discourage your corgi from embracing the frisbee-catching experience.

Playing frisbee with your corgi not only promotes physical exercise but also enhances their coordination and focus. It’s a delightful activity that fosters a strong bond between you and your four-legged friend. So, grab that frisbee, strike a pose, and let the frisbee games take flight!

Pro tip: Safety is paramount, so selecting a soft frisbee is crucial to prevent any potential injuries, especially to their face. The hard plastic can really hurt your dog, and the goal is to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable playtime.

3. Play tug of war with your corgi

Playing Time: 10–15 minutes

Are you prepared to engage in a playful battle of strength and willpower with your corgi?

Tug of war with your corgi is a game that not only gets your corgi’s paws moving but also strengthens the bond between you and your four-legged friend. Imagine the joy in those expressive eyes as they give their all in this playful power struggle, tail wagging and tongue happily out.

Now, let’s prepare for this tug-o-war. Grab a sturdy rope toy or a well-used towel, something that can endure a good yank or two. You and your corgi are about to enter a friendly battle zone, where victory is equally delightful for both sides.

Feel free to let your corgi have their moments of victory – a bit of tug-tug diplomacy never hurt anyone, right? If they seem a bit uninterested, give that toy a little wiggle on the floor to pique their curiosity. Start with short tug sessions, gradually building up the excitement as your corgi gets the hang of the game.

Pro tip: Add some variety to the toy selection for that extra surprise factor. Different toys bring an element of excitement. Variety is key, even in the world of tug of war! Grab your chosen toy, get ready to engage, and let the epic tugging battles unfold!

4. Let your corgi herd balls

Playing Time: 15–30 minutes

Did you know that your corgi has a natural herding instinct, like a mini shepherd on paws?

Yes, this natural instinct is great to put to good use by herding balls in the backyard. So, here’s the game plan: you, a ball, and a corgi with herding dreams in their heart.

Start by giving that ball a gentle nudge, letting it roll on the ground. As your corgi sharpens their herding skills, crank up the excitement with faster, longer rolls. Mix it up with different balls – football, beach, or even a deflated soccer ball for that extra challenge.

Watch your corgi revel in this mentally stimulating adventure, their eyes bright and tails wagging.

Pro tip: Get creative with those rolls and bounces and keep them guessing with varying speeds and trajectories.

5. Engage in interactive play with your corgi with a flirt pole

Playing Time: 10–15 minutes

So, a flirt pole is a fun dog toy that’s a long stick with a string and a cool toy at the end, like a plushie or a squeaky. It’s awesome for playing and exercising with your dog! You can easily purchase one online or even create your own at home.

When you’re using a flirt pole, find a good spot to play—somewhere your pup can move around freely. Let your dog get acquainted with the pole first, let them sniff and suss it out.

When you’re ready to get the game going, wiggle that toy end in a way that mimics prey movements—sudden starts, stops, and changes in direction. Your dog’s going to love chasing it and jumping around trying to catch it.

And hey, don’t forget to praise your pup when they catch the toy! Show them some love and maybe even a treat. Keep the game exciting but not too long, short bursts with little breaks work best.

You can also use the flirt pole to teach your dog some commands like sit, down, or stay during the playtime. It’s a fun way to mix in some training!

Remember to always keep an eye on your fur buddy and end the playtime on a high note, so they’re all excited and looking forward to the next game. Safety and fun are the key ingredients for a great flirt pole play session with your dog!

Pro Tip: Avoid hard or slippery surfaces to prevent injuries. Fun with flirt poles can get a little while!

Final thoughts on how to play with your corgi

Playing games with your corgi is like investing in their happiness and overall well-being. It’s a delightful canine carnival, offering a ticket to joy, bonding, and some entertaining acrobatics for your furry friend.

Whether it’s fetch, frisbee, tug of war, herding games with balls, or the captivating flirt pole dance, each game brings its own flavor to the corgi playtime buffet.

Playing fetch gives your corgi a VIP pass to their personal sports arena, letting them dash around and retrieve like a true champion. Frisbee takes the excitement up a notch, allowing your corgi to sprint and soar like a four-legged superhero.

Tug of war is a tug-of-love, showcasing their strength and teamwork spirit. And herding games pay homage to their roots, providing a mental challenge for the brightest minds in the corgi kingdom.

And then, there’s the flirt pole—a magical wand that transforms ordinary playtime into a thrilling adventure, sweeping your corgi off their feet.

In this playful wonderland, safety always comes first. Choose the right toys and set up the perfect play area, ensuring nothing but pure joy. Pay attention to your corgi’s cues and remember to take a break when needed.

So, get ready, gather your corgi’s favourite playthings, and let the games bring a smile to both your faces. It’s playtime, and the stage is set—let the corgi games begin!

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