How to Name Your Corgi? 6 Fun Ways You Can Try Right Now

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So you got a brand new dog? It’s a corgi puppy of your very own. And when it looks up at you with those big beautiful puppy eyes… what are you going to call it?

A perfect pet needs a perfect name, but there’s so many different choices. From the nice and normal to the strange and unusual, it can be hard to pick the right one.

One of the best things you can do when naming your corgi is to consider what is meaningful in your life – from people to places to hobbies and history.

If you’re on struggle street when it comes to naming your corgi, here’s an easy step by step guide to picking the perfect name for your corgi.

1. What does your corgi look like?​

By choosing a name based on your corgi’s appearance, you get a name that is perfectly suited to them.

There’s a reason why parents often wait until after the baby is born to name their new child. You need to ensure that your child looks like the name you want to give them. 

It’s funny how it works, but you know the feeling if you’ve ever run into someone and felt like their name just didn’t fit.

Because each corgi is unique. by naming them after what they look like, you can end up with a name that is tailored to them. Here are some suggestions:

  • Do they have big beautiful eyes and ears like a rabbit? You could call them Bunny.
  • Are they followed by a long luxurious corgi tail? How about Bottlebrush.
  • Do they smell like fresh flowers? Rosie (and if so – lucky you!).
  • Are they a tiny little puppy? Scrap.

And don’t forget colour! You can always base your corgi’s name on the colour of their fur. 

A mostly black one could be called Sooty, A tan one – Red. If they have markings or patterns, you could try Smudge or Splodge.

This is a great way to name your corgi, and it is easy for others to see why the name fits.

This silvery pup could be named Luna!

2. How does your corgi behave?

By picking a name based on how they behave, your corgi will mirror their name in their movements, making it feel like a great fit. 

The way that your corgi behaves can give you clues on picking the perfect name. An active dog might need a name you can shout across a field, something you might not need with a shy dog.

You want to make sure that the perfect name matches not only the way they look, but the way they are, to help make it a perfect match.

Here’s a few naming styles to consider:

  • If they love to run and bounce about? Skip could be perfect.
  • If they are always smiling and happy to see you? A bubbly corgi could be called Bubbles.
  • Got a corgi that is more reserved; the strong and silent type. Go for Steel.
  • Are they your best friend? Buddy.
  • Is your corgi always napping? Your pup might like Luna.
  • Do they like digging? Try Sandy!
  • Got a loud barker? Rory (get it, ROAR!).

Each corgi has distinct behavioural traits that separate them from other dogs. Excited dogs need different names to calm dogs, and with so many unique ways to act, you’re bound to find a unique name.

This corgi doesn’t want to be in his crate – a very suitable to the wild name Stallion.

​3. What do you love?

​Naming your corgi after the things you love helps build a strong connection between you and your dog.

If you’re anything like me, you love dogs, but you’ve got a lot of other loves in life too. Maybe is a cold crisp glass of apple cider or the way the leaves fall in autumn.

Your corgi can be named after the things you love most. The things you want to spend your time on. Here are a few ideas to get your motor running:

  • Are you a singer? How about Aria or Melody
  • Readers can name their corgi after a their favourite book character. Say hello to Draco or Sherlock.
  • Love the outdoors? How about getting back to nature with Mahogany, Maple, or Oak
  • Is gaming your thing? Try Zelda, Sephiroth, Kratos, Link, Kirby or even Bowser.
  • Got a movie that you really love? Your corgi could be called Shawshank or Totoro.
  • Are you a maestro in the kitchen? Spice up your naming with cuisine inspired options like Cinnamon or Nutmeg.

The best way to work out a list of names based on your interests is to put together a list. What inspires you? And what are the key terms related to that idea.

​Swimming might not be a great name, even though it’s a great hobby. But Ocean and River are more reasonable, and Wade absolutely works.

Try out a few and adapt as you go to see what suits your corgi best.

This tasty treat of a corgi could be named Cinnamon!

​4. Ask your friends and family

Your friends and family are a wealth of name knowledge, and may be able to find a name for you you never would have thought of.

By asking your friends and family, you might be able to find out a perfect name, perhaps one they have always wanted to use but never had the chance (or because it wasn’t quite right for them).

If you do plan on using a name they love, it’s always worth double checking if it’s ok. They might be saving it for their first-born, and you don’t want to take that away from them.

The other option is to be inspired by their life. You could ask them:

  • The name of the streets they have lived on.
  • The school they went to.
  • Their favourite flower.
  • Their favourite ingredient or spice.
  • Their favourite holiday destination.

And you’re not just limited to English words. Some of the best ideas can come from friends and family who speak a second language. Something in French, Japanese, Latin, German, Spanish, or Indonesian might be perfect.

By crowd-sourcing a name for your corgi, you get exposure to more options, and might find something you love.

This corgi of the mountains could suit the name Rocky!

5. Get a name book

A name book or name website gives you and almost unlimited list of options to help you name your corgi.

Yes, name books are not just for babies, they’re a perfect choice for naming your corgi puppy too.

A good language book or website will have hundreds or thousands of names for you to choose. 

They can help you find names you didn’t know existed, from names that used to be popular, or are right on the cutting edge.You will also be able to find the cultural, historical or original meanings of the names, so you can be sure that your corgi has just the right one.

Here are a few sources we recommend:

Plus, you can also find nicknames, shortened versions, and unique spellings that may be better suited for your corgi.

With a great naming resource, you’re bound to find a name that is perfect for your corgi puppy.

A book could lead you to unique names like Mossie, Emersyn or Liberty!

6. Ask your pet

Trying out a few names on your corgi and seeing if they respond is a great test to find out if your corgi’s name is a good fit.

It may seem a little silly, but your corgi may already know the perfect name they want to be called. They are a smart breed after all.

Try calling them lots of different names and seeing what they react to. For instance, let’s say you love the name Charles, but your corgi doesn’t respond. You might then try:

  • Chuck
  • Chappy
  • Charle

​Before you discover that Charlie is a perfect fit.

After all, you want your corgi to love their own name as they’ll be stuck with it for a while. It also needs to be a name that they will respond to, which will make training so much easier.

By picking a name they like, you corgi’s name is far more likely to be a better match for them.

This corgi might not be an Isobel, but it could be a Belle or an Izzy!

Why choosing the right name for your corgi is important?

Picking the perfect name for your corgi is really important – the right dog name helps you talk to each other, makes your bond stronger, and helps with training and safety.

First, your dog’s name is like their special way of talking with you. When you choose a good name, your corgi knows when you’re talking to them. This helps with training and when you’re just hanging out together.

Also, choosing a name helps you and your dog become even closer. It’s a chance to give your dog their own identity and show that they’re a special part of your family. Using their name with love makes your connection even stronger.

Having a good name is also practical. It makes training easier. Dogs listen better to short, clear names that don’t sound like other things you say. This is really important when you’re teaching them to follow commands. If their name is too long or sounds like something else, they might get confused.

And don’t forget about meeting other people and dogs. Your dog’s name can also say something about them. It can show off their looks, personality, or breed, and make them feel special. A cool or unique name can start conversations with other dog owners. It’s like an introduction for you and your dog.

For safety reasons, a well-trained response to their name is super important. It helps in emergencies or when things are chaotic. Your dog needs to know when you’re calling them, no matter what’s happening around them.

Lastly, if you have more than one pet or you’re with other dogs, having different names avoids mix-ups. That way, each dog knows when it’s their turn to listen.

Remember, your dog will be with you for a long time, and their name is a big part of who they are. So, choose a name that you’ll both love now and in the future.

Final thoughts on these ideas to name your corgi

By putting some thought into naming your corgi, these ideas can help you come up with the perfect name.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration. ​Message me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know if you end up using these tactics for your corgi.

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