Who is Vet Corgi? A Character Analysis of the Corgi From Tv’s Bluey

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If you’ve got kids, you’ve almost certainly heard of Bluey.

This award-winning series follows the adventures of a young and curious blue heeler dog named Bluey and her loving family.

While Bluey and her family are the main characters, there are many other interesting personalities that appear throughout the series, including Vet Corgi.

Vet Corgi is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who works at the veterinarian clinic in town and is one of the show’s popular secondary characters.

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at Vet Corgi, exploring her breed, appearance, voice actor, role in the show, and much more.

Whether you’re a die-hard Bluey fan or just looking to learn more about this beloved children’s show – get ready to dive into the world of Bluey!

Who is Vet Corgi?

Vet Corgi is one of the secondary characters in the Australian kids TV show Bluey.

Now, I understand if you’re asking ‘who is she’? Vet Corgi only has a small (but significant) role on the show. And she’s not on screen for long.

So what do we know about her? Well, she’s a Pembroke Welsh corgi. She works at the vet. 

And she is who Bluey and Bandit call upon when they have issues with injured animals. She acts as a go-between for them and the clinic’s vet, and, unfortunately, is often the bearer of bad news.

Here at the vet office, you can see Vet Corgi working behind the front desk as Bluey and Bandit enter.

What breed of dog is Vet Corgi?

In the show Bluey, Vet Corgi is a Pembroke Welsh corgi.

These are a small, stocky dog breed known for their short legs and cute faces. There’s many famous corgis in pop culture including the royal family corgis, Ein from Cowboy Bebop, and Cheddar from Brooklyn 99.

The Pembroke Welsh corgi originated in Pembrokeshire, Wales. They were first bred to herd cattle and sheep, but today they are popular pets known for their loyalty and playfulness.

In the Bluey TV show, Vet Corgi is portrayed as a skilled veterinarian worker, showcasing the intelligence and adaptability of the breed.

What does Vet Corgi look like?

This is what Vet Corgi looks like. You can see her suited up in her vet uniform.

Vet Corgi has tan and cream fur, with cream feet, hands, tail tip, chest, muzzle, and eyebrows.

Her legs, arms, tail stem, torso, head and ears are all tan, while her inner ears are pink.​She also wears a grey vet shirt with blue outlines and a white and green name tag.

She is dressed the way we would expect a veterinarian officer to dress (except she’s a dog instead of a human – and she doesn’t wear pants!)

You will find her at the veterinarian clinic, taking care of patients and looking after all the animals in the town.

Who voices Vet Corgi in the show?

Vet Corgi is voiced by Stephanie Bendixsen, who is famously known by her gamer tag “Hex” on the shows Good Game and Good Game Spawn Point.

Good Game was an Australian TV show that ran from 2007–2016. It was a weekly video gaming program that covered the latest news, reviews, and tips for video games.

Good Game Spawn Point is a spin-off of the original Good Game series. The show is for a younger audience and covers video games, technology, and other related topics.

The shows are popular in Australia and are been recognised as a significant part of the country’s gaming culture.​Many of the young people who grew up watching Good Game and now the parents with young kids watching Bluey.

What is the role of Vet Corgi in the show?

Vet Corgi serves as the first point of contact for the characters at the veterinary clinic.

Her responsibilities likely include answering phones, scheduling appointments, managing records, greeting clients, collecting payments, and handling basic administrative tasks.

She is seen helping Bluey and her dad Bandit when they bring in an injured bird to the clinic. Her goal is to help her patients and ensure the smooth operation of the clinic.

What episode does Vet Corgi appear in?

Vet Corgi first appeared on the show in 2019 in the episode “Copycat” (S1EP38).

This episode is ranked as one of the series’ best episodes, according to fans of the show and users of the Internet Movie Database.

However, that’s not the only place she appears. Vet Corgi also made an easter egg cameo at the library in the season three episode “Promises” (S3EP04).

She appears in the background when Bandit, Bingo, and Bluey are walking on their knees ‘like toddlers’. This is likely a subtle joke about corgis and their short little legs.

In this appearance, she doesn’t have on her vet uniform, making her less recognisable than she was in season one at her workplace.

Here you can see Vet Corgi in the background of the scene in the library, behind Bandit and Bluey. However, she is not dressed in her work uniform like her previous appearance.

What is Vet Corgi’s personality like in the show?

As a secondary character in the TV show Bluey, Vet Corgi’s personality is not yet fully explored. 

From what we have seen so far, as a veterinarian worker, she is portrayed as a knowledgeable and competent professional, who is always ready to help animals in need.

Vet Corgi seems to be a dedicated and compassionate individual who takes her job seriously. She exudes a calm and confident demeanour, which puts both animals and their owners at ease.

It’s evident that she has a deep love and respect for animals, and she will go above and beyond to ensure that they receive the best possible care.

I’d love to see more of her in future episodes. Anything that gets more corgis into the spotlight is a good thing.

How does Vet Corgi fit into the storyline of Bluey?

Vet Corgi fits into the storyline of Bluey as a secondary character who provides veterinary services to the animals in the show.

She adds an extra layer of empathy to the show, and helps create a more diverse and dynamic world of dogs.

In the episode “Copycat”, when Bluey finds an injured budgie, Bluey and her dad Bandit have to make an emergency trip to see Vet Corgi. *Spoiler alert*

Here, her role is significant, as she acts as a conduit between Bluey and Bandit and the veterinarian who will be working on the budgie.

Despite their best efforts to save it, Vet Corgi unfortunately announces that the budgie has died, leaving Bluey devastated.

  • Bluey: I don’t want the budgie to have died.
  • Bandit: I know, mate. Me neither. But there’s nothing we can do. ​It’s out of our hands.

This episode is considering one of the saddest in the series. Particularly when Bluey is re-enacting what happened, taking over the role of Bandit.

​It’s very poetic. Bluey was imitating Bandit to have fun at the start. Now she imitates him to grow and get over her loss, as the episode draws to a close.

One of the things that’s hardest about being a parent is the talk of death – not from a personal standpoint – but from an emotional one.

Bluey helps to communicate to kids how to deal with death, and Vet Corgi is an important character is realising that story.

Don’t forget to have a box of tissues ready when you watch it.

Are there any real-life corgis that resemble Vet Corgi?

It is not known if there are any real-life corgis that resemble Vet Corgi. I’ve heard no specific interview with the creators to say there is.

Given the animated style, even characters based off individual people and animals are very stylised – so it would be hard to tell.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a popular breed with a distinctive appearance, so it is possible that there are corgis with similar looks to Vet Corgi.

However, it is important to remember that each corgi is unique and should be judged on its own individual traits and characteristics, rather than being compared to a fictional character.

This is what Vet Corgi might look like in real life!

Are there any other corgis in Bluey?

In the animated TV show “Bluey,” there are at least two corgis depicted: Vet Corgi and Queen Elizabeth II.

But where is the Queen? Well, the Queen is shown as a corgi on the five-dollar note. This is a reference to the real-life five-dollar note that features her portrait in Australia.

Her depiction as a corgi is a nod to the fact that the Queen has owned several corgis during her reign as the monarch of the United Kingdom.

The inclusion of the Queen as a corgi in Bluey adds to the show’s playful and imaginative world-building, while also referencing the breed’s association with the British monarchy.

​It’s a fun detail that highlights the show’s attention to detail and love of fun references.

Queen Elizabeth II as a corgi in the TV show Bluey.

What breed of dog is Bluey?

Bluey, the main character in the children’s animated series Bluey, is depicted as a Blue Heeler. The rest of her family is Bandit (Bluey’s dad), Chilli (Bluey’s mum) and Bingo (Bluey’s sister).

This is the same breed as the real-life Bluey who holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest Australian dog ever recorded.

Blue Heelers, also known as Australian Cattle Dogs, are a breed of working dog that originated in Australia. They are medium-sized dogs, weighing between 15–22kg and standing at 43–51cm tall. They are known for their muscular build, alert expression, and distinctive blue coat.

Blue Heelers were originally bred for herding cattle (much like corgis), and they are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and high energy levels (also like corgis). ​

What Bluey and her family might look like in real-life!

Final thoughts on Vet Corgi from TV’s Bluey

​Bluey is a highly popular Australian animated TV show that has gained a large following among kids and their parents. It has won awards and received critical acclaim for its charming and relatable storylines, lovable characters, and fun adventures.

Vet Corgi is an underappreciated character in the Bluey TV show, known for her kindness and expertise as a veterinarian worker. Her unique appearance in the series makes her an essential part of the show and a quiet fan favourite.

Whether you are a long-time fan or just discovering Bluey for the first time, Vet Corgi – and her episode Copycat – is sure to teach a lasting lesson.

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