Are Corgis Good Family Dogs?

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Written By Dane Michael

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If you’re in the market for a good family dog that’s just too cute, I have say, corgis steal the show for me.

They’ve got that adorable look, charming personality, and undeniable loyalty—totally winning at the family pet game when it comes to dog breeds..

As a small-sized herding breed from Wales, their playful nature combined with their intelligence and adaptability help make them a good family dog and a cherished member of any family.

In this article, I’ll give you a closer look at the attributes that make corgis good family dogs. 

So let’s explore their temperament, trainability, and compatibility with children and other pets – ultimately revealing why these pint-sized pups have won the hearts of families worldwide.

Are corgis good dogs for families?

Yes, corgis make great pets for families in all sorts of living arrangements including homes with kids and grandparents, as well as city and apartment living.

Their friendly and affectionate nature makes them great companions for people of all ages. They have a special talent for forming strong bonds with their human family members, making them loyal and loving pets.

​Corgis are highly adaptable dogs. They can thrive in different living conditions, whether it’s a large house with a backyard where they can run around or a smaller apartment in the city. As long as they receive the love, care, and attention they need, corgis can be happy and content in various living environments.

Their adaptability, combined with their friendly and affectionate personality, makes corgis excellent choices for families looking to bring a furry friend into their homes.

What makes corgis a good family dog?

Corgis are great family dogs because they have a mix of special qualities – like their size, temperament and friendliness – that make them loving and adaptable companions.

Here’s a closer look at just some reasons why corgis make good pets for families:

Corgis are a size good for families with kids

Corgis are small to medium-sized dogs, which means they can live comfortably in different types of homes, like apartments or houses with limited space.

Corgis are friendly and outgoing with families

Corgis are known for being friendly and outgoing. They get along well with people of all ages, including kids, and love to be close to their family.

Corgis have lots of energy and love to play. They are perfect playmates for kids who want to have fun and do activities with their furry friend.

Corgis are smart and easy for families to train

Corgis are intelligent dogs that learn things quickly. They are eager to please their owners, which makes them easy to train and well-behaved.

Corgis are protective of their family

Even though corgis are friendly, they also have a protective side. They will watch out for their family and let them know if there are any dangers or strangers nearby.

Corgis have low grooming and lifestyle needs

Corgis have a double coat that sheds a bit throughout the year, especially during seasonal changes. But their grooming needs are not too high and can be managed with regular brushing.

Corgis can fit into different lifestyles, whether it’s an active family with lots of outdoor activities or a more relaxed household. They can adjust to their family’s routines and preferences.

Corgis have a long lifespan to spend with you

Corgis tend to live longer compared to some other dog breeds, often around 12 to 15 years. This means they can be part of the family for a long time.

Every dog is unique, even within a breed. I know from my experience that proper training, socialisation, and regular exercise are crucial for having a happy and well-behaved corgi in any family.

Are corgis safe with children?

Yes, corgis are safe dogs to have around your children, including young children and babies when supervised.

Corgis have earned a reputation for being great with children, and for a good reason. Their sturdy build and gentle nature make them suitable companions for kids of all ages.

​Corgis are highly protective of their human family members, which further solidifies their role as reliable and loving family dogs.

I have found that when friends bring kids around, it’s not a problem. You do have to be careful with corgis around babies though, due to the corgi’s size and energy when compared to the tiny human

How to pick a corgi that’s safe for your kids?

Choosing the right corgi for your kids is an important task. Make sure to choose one that is well bred, well cared for, and (of course) gives of lots of positive vibes.

Corgis are known for being loving, playful, and full of energy, which makes them great buddies for children.

​When choosing your corgi, it’s important to remember these key factors:

  • Temperament: Make sure the corgi you choose is friendly and okay with kids. Some corgis (particularly those from bad breeders) might not naturally get along with children, so it’s important they have been introduced to humans and ideally other kids early on.
  • Energy: Corgis are full of energy, which can be fun for active kids. But if you possible corgi puppy is reserved, timid, or lacking in energy, it can be a warning sign that something is not right. Likewise, a hyperactive puppy that shows signs of aggression in its litter should be avoided.
  • Pre-existing conditions: It’s best to adopt from a responsible breeder who cares about the dog’s temperament and health. They should also have documentation to prove they have given the dogs the necessary vaccinations and medical tests before selling.

This assessment is important. It’s important to ask the right questions of your breeder. Corgis can make great family pets and can be very close to children – but you need to get the right one.

​Make sure you spend time with the dog before bringing them home, and make sure both the dog and the child feel comfortable and safe around each other. 

Are corgis friendly with other pets? 

Yes, as a breed, corgis are friendly with other pets including dogs, cats, small mammals, and even livestock.

Corgis were originally bred to herd animals, so sometimes they can be a bit protective of their space and act distant around unfamiliar animals.

​But, given the chance to bond, they quickly make firm friendships. So, yes, you’ll find your corgi often starts hanging out with your other dog, or becomes a new playmate for your cat.

If you have farm animals like sheep, horses, or cows, corgis will get along with them really well. Their herding instincts make them gentle and they won’t try to harm the livestock. 

Are corgis easy for families to train?

Yes, corgis are known to be intelligent and trainable dogs.

Training your corgi is essential, and it’s best to start early. Corgis can be a bit stubborn, so training may take time and patience.

To be successful, it’s crucial to use consistent methods and positive reinforcement. This helps build a strong and happy bond between you and your furry friend.

Once you and your corgi become familiar with the training process, they’ll pick up new tricks and commands faster. 

I’ve got a whole heap of training resources available here.

Two Pembroke Welsh corgis sniffing the grass outside. They make good family dogs.

Are corgis easy for families to groom?

The corgi is relatively easy to groom compared to many other breeds.

To meet the standards set by the American Kennel Club, corgis should have a short, thick coat – that come in a variety of colours (like tan, brown, and sable), often with white markings.

​Corgis do, however, shed a lot of hair. To manage shedding, brushing your corgi every day can help collect loose hair before it spreads everywhere.

During shedding seasons, giving them more frequent baths can help reduce the problem that brushing alone might not fully solve.

If you want a dog with a coat that’s moderately easy to take care of, the corgi is an excellent choice. 

Are corgis easy for families to take care of?

Corgis can make great additions to families, but it’s important to be aware of their potential health issues, particularly with their bones, backs, and eyes.

Like all breeds, they may face certain health concerns such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and degenerative myelopathy. I have an extensive guide on these health issues you can read for more information.

To help keep them healthy and live longer, it’s essential to schedule regular visits to the veterinarian, provide a balanced diet, and ensure they get enough exercise.

​Creating a safe environment for your corgi is also crucial when bringing them into your family.

I find this means making sure there are no potential hazards around, providing a comfortable resting area, and getting suitable toys and activities to keep them engaged and happy. You’ll see corgis love it!

When a corgi feels secure and loved, they can thrive as a valuable member of your family.

​How can my family exercise our corgi together?

Corgis are energetic dogs that need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. Walks, playtime, social activities, and brain puzzles are all great ways for them to let out their energy.

Here are some ways you and your family can exercise your corgi together:

  • Daily walks: Take your corgi for walks every day to keep them active and happy. Aim for at least 30 minutes to an hour of walking. This will also help you bond with your furry friend.
  • Playtime in the yard: Corgis love to run and play. If you have a fenced yard, let them go wild and play fetch/chase games. Just make sure the yard is safe for them.
  • Interactive games: Corgis are smart dogs, so play hide-and-seek with treats or use puzzle toys to challenge their minds. You can reward them with treats for solving the puzzles.
  • Agility training: Despite their short legs, corgis are agile and enjoy a good challenge. Create an agility course in your yard with tunnels, jumps, and weave poles.
  • Dog parks: Taking your corgi to dog parks is a great way for them to socialise with other dogs. It also helps them get more exercise through play.
  • Hiking: If you like hiking, take your corgi with you on dog-friendly trails. They will love exploring new scents and sights while getting a good workout.
  • Swimming: Many corgis enjoy water activities. If you have access to a dog-friendly swimming area, let them have fun splashing around.

Always remember to bring plenty of fresh water when you exercise. You should also be mindful of temperatures too hot or too cold. Your corgis isn’t going to like hanging out in extreme weather.

Most importantly, don’t forget to make the exercise sessions fun for both your corgi and your family!

Final thoughts on corgis as family dogs

Corgis are exceptional family dogs that bring joy, love, and companionship to any household.

Their friendly temperament, intelligence, and adaptability make them a top choice for families seeking a furry addition to their lives.

Whether playing with children or just snuggling on the couch, corgis enrich the lives of everyone they meet. If you’re looking for a loving and intelligent canine companion, a corgi is the perfect match for your family.

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