Are Corgis Good City Dogs?

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Lots of people are after good city dogs. If you’re here, you’re probably one of them.

Yes, when folks in cities search for a pet that fits their busy schedules, they often consider the adorable corgi.

These little herding dogs are popular for their cuteness and happy personalities. But, the big question is: do corgis do well in the city, or are they better suited for the countryside?

Based on my experience, and after discussion with some of my corgi owner friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, with some work, corgis are good city dogs.

Whether you’re a city dweller interested in making a corgi your furry pal or just a dog lover who’s fascinated by corgis, let’s take a look at what you need to make a corgi work for you.

Where did corgis first live?

Corgis originally lived on farms in Wales. They served as working dogs to herd cattle.

They come in two varieties, the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi.

Although corgis were initially bred for herding tasks, they’ve gained popularity as wonderful companion dogs because of their delightful temperament and cleverness.

You can read more about the breed standard and their history on the American Kennel Club website.

Can corgis live in cities?

Corgis are happy to live in the city in either a house or an apartment. While a backyard is always useful, it’s not a requirement for keeping a corgi.

Corgis, with their herding background, are often associated with pastoral settings. Here, they excel at guiding livestock and assisting farmers.

​However, when faced with the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced city, some may question whether these adorable little dogs can truly thrive.

The good news is that corgis can indeed make wonderful city companions, proving that their adaptability goes beyond the countryside.

You’ll find their perfectly comfortable living in an apartment, as long as they are regularly exercised. This makes corgis good city dogs.

What makes corgis adaptable to city life?

Corgis are really smart, which helps them do well in cities. They can quickly learn new things and adjust to city life easily.

They are also very resourceful, which means they can handle challenges in the city, like crowded sidewalks and smaller living spaces. Their small size is perfect for living in apartments.

Corgis can do well in the city if you take care of them properly. Their smarts and adaptability make them great companions in the lively city environment.

Corgis are brave, resilient, and ready for anything!

How to ensure your corgi adapts to city life?

With love, attention, socialisation, and exercise, your corgi will thrive and enjoy city life to the fullest.

You should give them regular exercise through daily walks and playtime. Socialising them early on is important too, so they feel comfortable around new things and people. I find it really helps with training as well.

​Setting up a cozy and fun living space with toys and puzzles is a good idea, especially when you’re not home. And finding dog parks and pet-friendly places nearby lets them have fun with other dogs while staying safe.

How much space does my corgi need?

Corgis are medium-sized dogs, which means they can live comfortably in different types of homes.

Whether you have a small apartment or a big house, a corgi can be happy as long as you give them enough exercise and mental challenges.

But remember, corgis have quite a bit of energy. You need to take them for regular walks and play with them to make sure they stay happy.

Are corgis alert dogs. Yes. This one is on the lookout for trouble afoot.

How do I socialise my dog in the city?

You can socialise your corgi by giving them good experiences. This includes taking them to dog-friendly places, setting up playdates with other dogs, going to training classes, introducing them to people, and going on outings.

Making sure your dog can get along well with people, other dogs, and the city environment is so crucial. Here are some best steps I’ve found to help you achieve that.

1. Take your corgi to dog-friendly places

Help your dog feel comfortable in the city by introducing them to positive things. Let them slowly get used to the sounds, sights, and smells. When they stay calm, give them treats or praise.

Visit places like parks, pet stores, and dog-friendly cafes. These places often have areas where dogs can meet and play together.

Make it a habit to take your dog out in the city regularly. This will help them feel more comfortable and confident in new places.

2. Take them on playdates with other dogs

Setting up playdates for your dog means arranging times for your pet to play with other dogs that belong to your friends or neighbors. Make sure these dogs are well-behaved and friendly.

These playdates help your dog learn social skills and have positive interactions, which are good for their well-being.

3. Put them into training class with expert dog trainers

Sign up your dog for training classes conducted by professionals.

These classes not only teach obedience but also provide a secure setting for your dog to interact with other dogs and learn important skills.

4. Let them meet lots of different people

Introduce your dog to many kinds of people, such as children, adults, and even grandparents. Encourage gentle interactions and reward your dog when they stay calm and friendly.

Even young corgis are keen to make new friends and socialise with other dogs.

How to exercise my corgi in the city? 5 tips to keep them active

Daily walks, play sessions, and off-leash time in dog parks can help burn off excess energy and prevent obesity, a common concern for city-dwelling pets.

Despite their short legs, corgis are quite active. They require regular exercise to maintain their physical health.

Making sure your dog stays healthy and happy in the city is really important. Living in the city can be tricky for dogs, but there are ways to keep them active and entertained.

​Here are some tips to help you do just that:

1. Daily walks around the block

Take your dog for walks every day, and try different routes to make it exciting for them.

Walking or running not only keeps them moving but also allows them to explore their surroundings.

2. Dog parks

Find nearby dog parks or places where dogs can be off-leash.

This way, your dog can run around and play with other dogs, which is great for their energy and social skills.

4. Playtime with toys

Use toys like balls, frisbees, or ropes to play with your dog. Playing fetch or encouraging them to chase toys is an excellent way to keep them physically active.

You can play hide-and-seek, teach them new tricks, or use puzzle toys to keep them busy.

5. Playdates with other dogs

Set up playdates with other dogs and their owners. It’s a good way for your dog to socialize and get some exercise.

5. Bike or skateboarding

If your dog is well-trained and active, you can take them with you while you bike or skateboard. Just make sure they are comfortable and safe.

How to keep my corgi mentally stimulated in the city?

You can keep them interested and stop them from getting bored by playing with them using interactive toys, puzzle games, and training exercises.

It’s crucial to keep your corgi’s mind active, especially in cities with less open space. Corgis are smart and enjoy mental challenges.

Dog puzzles and toys are one of the best ways I’ve found to keep my dog’s brain busy.

Training them with basic commands is not only rewarding but also makes them well-behaved in the city, strengthening the bond between you and your corgi.

What are the challenges of having a corgi in the city?​

Corgis are well-suited for city living, but their herding instinct can pose risks when chasing after moving objects, so responsible training, leash use, and physical activities are crucial for their safety and enjoyment in urban areas.

One big issue is their natural instinct to herd, which might make them chase after things like bicycles and cars. This can be dangerous, especially in busy city areas with lots of traffic.

To keep your corgi safe and avoid accidents, it’s essential to train them well and always keep an eye on them when outside.

Teaching them to control their impulses and come back when called can prevent them from running after moving vehicles.

Getting them used to city sights and sounds early on can also help reduce their curiosity about chasing.

Using a strong leash and a harness is crucial for better control during walks. A harness is safer for them than a collar because it distributes the pressure more evenly and doesn’t strain their neck.

Cities often have strict leash laws, so it’s vital to follow these rules for everyone’s safety. Responsible dog owners should know and respect the local regulations and be considerate of others sharing public spaces.

Finding safe places for off-leash exercise, like enclosed dog parks, can also be a good idea to let corgis burn off excess energy without putting them or others in danger.

Being a responsible dog owner and understanding their needs will help make life in the city enjoyable for all. Even when times are tough, make sure you show your corgi you love them.

Where can I take my corgi in the city?​

Many cities offer dog parks, pet-friendly cafes, and even designated walking trails where corgis can socialise and play with other dogs.

Having your corgi with you in the city can be a lot of fun! I love taking my corgi out and about when I head out to town.

Here is a quick collection of just some of the great places you and good city dogs like the corgi can go together:

  • Dog parks: These are safe places where your corgi can play and make new doggie friends without a leash.
  • Pet-friendly cafes and restaurants: Some places with outdoor seating let you bring your corgi along. It’s nice to have a meal or a coffee together.
  • Pet-friendly shops: Some stores let well-behaved dogs, like corgis, come inside. You might find pet stores, bookstores, or clothing shops that welcome dogs.
  • Pet events and meetups: Keep an eye out for events where dogs are welcome, especially ones just for corgis. It’s a great way for your corgi to meet other dogs and have a good time.
  • Beaches or waterfronts: If your city has a beach or waterfront area, some places allow dogs. Your corgi will enjoy playing in the water.
  • Hiking trails: Some urban areas have hiking trails or nature spots where dogs are allowed. It’s a good way for both of you to get some exercise and enjoy nature.
  • Pet-friendly hotels: If you’re looking for something fun, book a hotel in your own city, Many hotels now accept pets so your corgi can join you for a lovely night out of the house.

But before you go out, remember to check the rules about pets in public places. Always make sure your corgi behaves well, and keep them on a leash when needed. You don’t want to have any run-ins with the law.

Don’t forget to keep your corgi’s vaccinations up-to-date, and in crowded areas, be mindful of your corgi’s comfort, as some dogs might feel uneasy. And do bring water, waste bags, and anything else your corgi might need while you’re out and about.

Being prepared helps to keep your corgi happy when you’re in new spaces. If your city has nearby hiking trails, they are an excellent place to take your corgi.

What are the best dog breeds for a city apartment?

When picking a dog breed for a city apartment, it’s important to think about breeds that do well in smaller spaces, have less energy, and behave well indoors.

Other than corgis, here are some good city dogs – the ones that are the best dog breeds for living in a city apartment:

  1. French Bulldog: They are small, have low energy, and are friendly, making them great pets for apartments.
  2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: They are gentle, affectionate, and can adapt to smaller living spaces.
  3. Greyhound: Surprisingly, they are calm and don’t need much exercise, which makes them suitable for apartments.
  4. Bichon Frise: These small dogs are more hypoallergenic than other breeds and have relatively low energy levels, making them a good choice for apartments.
  5. Shih Tzu: They are small and can adapt well to apartments if they get enough exercise and mental stimulation.
  6. Pug: With their compact size, moderate activity level, and loving nature, they are friendly for apartment living.
  7. Chihuahua: Their their tiny size and low exercise needs makes them well-suited for apartment life.
  8. Maltese: Being small and low-shedding, they are well-suited for indoor living.

When adopting a dog for apartment living, make sure you consider their exercise requirements, grooming needs, and temperament, just so they are the right match your lifestyle and living space.

What are the worst dog breeds for a city apartment​

Choosing the right dog breed for a city apartment is really important so that you and your furry friend can live happily together.

Certain dogs suit small living spaces better, while others might find them less comfortable due to their size, energy level, or specific needs.

Here are some breeds that might not make good city dogs:

  1. Border Collie: They have lots of energy and are really smart, so they need plenty of space and mental challenges to stay happy.
  2. Siberian Husky: These dogs have a ton of energy and love to explore, so apartment living might be hard for them.
  3. Dalmatian: They are very active and need regular exercise. They can also be loud in a small space.
  4. Jack Russell Terrier: These dogs are super energetic and smart, and if they don’t get enough exercise, they may start causing trouble.
  5. Australian Shepherd: Their herding instincts may lead them to nip and chase in small spaces.
  6. Boxer: They are playful and need lots of room to run around and play.
  7. Weimaraner: This breed is high-energy and requires lots of exercise and things to keep their minds busy.
  8. Great Dane: Because of their big size, they might not be the best choice for a small apartment.  

Every dog, no matter the breed, needs regular exercise, mental stimulation, and attention to be happy in an apartment.

Before getting a dog, think about their needs and if your lifestyle can meet them. Taking your dog for walks, playing with them, and visiting a nearby dog park will make apartment living enjoyable for both of you.

These three corgi puppies make good city dogs as they wander around the kitchen of their apartment.

Final thoughts on corgis as city dogs​

Corgis can be great dogs for living in the city if they receive proper care, attention, and the right environment.

Their smarts, ability to adjust, and loving personalities make them fantastic pals for city folks.

Just remember, each dog is different, so it’s important to know your corgi well and give them love and care to have a joyful and satisfying life together in the city.

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