31 Cutest Baby Corgi Puppies on the Internet

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If your heart skips a beat at the sight of those irresistibly pudgy baby corgi puppies waddling around with their short legs and fluffy behinds, you’re in for an absolute treat!

Get ready for a corgi-filled escapade that promises to be nothing short of a cuteness overload! From heart-melting puppy eyes to mischievous zoomies, our MyFavCorgi community has officially declared these little fur bundles the undisputed stars of the show.

Strap yourself in with golden ticket to a joyous journey where every butt shake and floppy ear holds the key to pure happiness.

1. β€‹πŸ“· @artthecorgi

Meet the dynamic duo! These two baby corgis are inseparable. Their cuddles know no bounds and their bond is unbreakable. Their love for one another is a beautiful testament to the power of friendship and the happiness that comes from being with those we cherish.

2. πŸ“· @atlarchiethecorgi

They call him Archie, among other names. Corgis have a special place in our hearts and their unique personalities deserve a name that fits just right. ​Get ready to smile and maybe even find inspiration for your own furry friend’s moniker.

3. πŸ“· @ceedeethecorgi

Meet the newest member of the pack! This little fluff ball has captured the hearts of everyone with its playful energy. From rolling around on the couch to loving life, this baby corgi is simply irresistible.

4. πŸ“· @chopp_corgi

Corgi puppies are known for their playful and energetic personalities, but even they need some rest and relaxation. In this video, we see a young corgi pup trying to settle in for a nap.

5. πŸ“· @cooperandbaby_corgi

Who doesn’t love a cute baby corgi? This video showcases all the adorable moments of a baby corgi in a series of photos. From their fluffy butts to their tiny paws, there’s just something about baby corgis that makes everyone smile.

6. πŸ“· @corgi_stardust

Here’s a baby corgi, ready to take on the world – or at least the stairs! Watch as this little ball of fluff navigates the challenges of climbing step by step. Despite the occasional stumble, this little corgi never gives up. But beware, as cute as corgis may be, stairs can pose a danger for them due to their short legs and long bodies.

7. πŸ“· @corgilouie

​Meet the cutest snoozer in town, this little baby corgi. Watch as they drift off into a world of dreams, paws twitching and soft snores filling the air. The innocence and vulnerability of their slumber is a sight to behold, reminding us all to slow down and enjoy the simple moments in life.

What do you think he’s dreaming of?​ Perhaps it’s a never-ending game of fetch, or a world filled with belly rubs and treats.

8. πŸ“· @corgipiper2020

There’s nothing quite like a pile of fluffy baby corgis to warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. There’s just something about baby corgis that makes them the ultimate comfort pets.

9. β€‹πŸ“· @corgitheautumn

This video captures the heartwarming moment when a corgi sees their human and runs towards them with all the love and joy they have. The bond between a corgi and their owner is unbreakable, and this video showcases just how deep that love and loyalty goes.

10. β€‹πŸ“· @farrevercorgis

Yeehaw! This corgi is ready for a wild west adventure in style. Dressed as a dapper cowboy, this furry friend is ready to round up some cattle, or at least some treats. Saddle up, partner, and let’s hit the trail with this cutest cowboy in town!

11. πŸ“· @florka_thecorgi

A corgi rolling in the grass is a sight to behold! This fluffy ball of energy just can’t get enough of feeling the soft blades tickle their skin. Watching them roll and wriggle with joy is sure to bring a smile to your face.

12. β€‹πŸ“· @fluffychelsea

Who said corgis can’t be bunnies too? Watch as this little fluffball defies expectations and bounces around like a pro! Whether it’s because of their short legs or just pure joy, this corgi’s got moves!

13. β€‹πŸ“· @itsbenderthecorgi

This video shows a corgi in a rain jacket frolicking in the rain! Whether it’s a gentle shower or a downpour, this little pup is ready to play. With its bright yellow raincoat, it’s impossible not to smile at the sight of this adventurous corgi enjoying the wet weather.

14. β€‹πŸ“· @journeyofdonut

Meet Donut, the adorably clumsy baby corgi. In this video, we see Donut in all his wobbly glory as he tries to navigate the world around him. Despite his stumble, it’s impossible not to smile at his cute, fluffy form and endearing personality.

15. πŸ“· @milton.the.corgi

This adorable corgi has a bit of a potty training issue. Just like Joey Tribbiani, this beautiful baby corgi is determined not to learn about pooping inside.

16. πŸ“· @nachothebarncorgi

Get ready to be amazed! This is a story about a unique friendship between a corgi and a horse. Watch as the corgi takes the reins and leads his equine friend on a leisurely walk through the countryside. This unlikely duo proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship.​

17. β€‹πŸ“· @ollieleethecorgi

Watch as this cute pup dreams away, completely unaware of the gentle tickles that await him. With each gentle touch, the corgi’s legs start to twirl and his body squirms with delight.​

18. β€‹πŸ“· @ollithecorgipup

This is all about the struggles of finding the perfect nap spot. Watch as this adorable corgi tries out various positions, determined to find the ultimate comfort for his nap. Get ready to smile and nod along as you watch this corgi’s quest for the ultimate napping experience.

19. β€‹πŸ“· @plutoplanetthecorgi

Meet the cutest copilot around – a corgi who loves nothing more than taking in the sights. This video showcases the connection between this duo and their shared bond.

20. β€‹πŸ“· @raileyandrocketsdiary

Get ready to fall in love with this playful corgi and his favourite toy! Watch as this cute pup jumps and and tumbles into bed with pure joy and excitement. His love for this toy is infectious and will have you smiling from ear to ear.

21. πŸ“· @reese_the_corgiii

This video showcases the simple pleasures of a corgi’s life. After a long day of playing and exploring, watch as this adorable pup settles in for a well-deserved rest. From the moment he lies down, it’s clear that this corgi is in complete relaxation mode. β€‹

22. β€‹πŸ“· @sugar_welshcorgi

Introducing a proud corgi parent and their precious puppies! This video is a heartwarming tribute to the joys of parenthood. β€‹This clip is a tribute to the love between a parent and their baby corgis and is sure to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

23. β€‹πŸ“· @teddyythecorgi

Get ready to be charmed by the friendship and cooperation between two corgis! This video showcases these adorable pups sharing a toy in the most adorable way. Their bond is unbreakable and their love for each other is evident.

24. β€‹πŸ“· @thebrooklyncorgi

This corgi is determined to make the most of their city adventure. Watch as this determined pup takes on the challenges of city life.

25. β€‹πŸ“· @thefluffypotatos

Get ready for a laugh with this baby corgi who makes a miscalculated move. It’s clear that this corgi is in for a hilarious ride.

26. πŸ“· @thesportycorgi

Get ready to witness the determination of this corgi as they go on high alert! Despite their tough exterior, it soon becomes clear that this corgi is simply a big softie at heart.

27. πŸ“· @tricolour_koa

Come join this adorable corgi on a leisurely walk through the neighborhood! This video showcases the beauty and excitement of a simple walk with a furry friend. From the moment they step outside, this corgi is filled with energy and eagerness to explore.

28. πŸ“· @waffle.the.wigglebutt

In this video, this tiny bundle of joy is seen chowing down on their meal. But keep watching for a surprise that’s just on the horizon.

29. β€‹πŸ“· @yuna_maple_thecorgos

Get ready to witness a precious moment as we measure the height of a baby corgi! This video captures the innocence and charm of this adorable pup as they are measured. This video is a must-see. It’s a reminder of the joy and excitement that comes with watching these little creatures grow and develop.

30. πŸ“Έ @appa.nguyen

Get ready to witness a milestone moment in the life of a baby corgi – their first howl! In this video, we see this little furball trying their best to imitate the howling of their parents.

31. β€‹πŸ“· @freddie.thecorgi

Get ready to witness a heartwarming moment as a baby corgi walks to their owner! Watch as the baby corgi waddles over with excitement. The trust and love on their face is a testament to the strong bond they share with their owner.

Final thoughts on the 31 cutest baby corgis on the internet

With their adorable faces, playful personalities, and unique quirks, these puppies are a reminder of why corgis are one of the most beloved dog breeds in the world.

​From their first howls to their first steps, each of these baby corgis is sure to bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

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