Can Corgis Be Left Alone? Keep Them Happy While You’re Away

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Welcoming a corgi into your home is a great decision, but it’s also a responsibility that comes with several questions. I’m often asked by new owners: “can corgis be left alone?”

Leaving your furry friend alone at home can be a cause for concern, especially if you’re work long hours or have a busy schedule.

However, with the right approach and preparation, your corgi will stay safe and comfortable while you’re away.

In this article, I’ll discuss the pitfalls of leaving your corgi alone. I’ll also cover how long you can leave them, how to keep them happy while you’re away, and what to do to reduce separation anxiety.

Do corgis get separation anxiety?

Yes, corgis experience separation anxiety. They are a social dog breed and much prefer companionship to being alone.

I’ve learned from experience – dogs are social animals. They genuinely like to share their space, meals, and chill spots with their human family.

This behaviour goes back to their wolf ancestors who lived in family groups. So, it makes sense that dogs get anxious when separated from the people who brought them up.

From what I’ve seen, corgis take sociability to a whole new level. But there’s this common issue I’ve noticed – corgi separation anxiety. This happens when a corgi gets all stressed out and uneasy about being apart from their owner.

Years of breeding have made corgis pros at forming strong bonds with their human family. That’s why some corgis really struggle when left alone. They might start to bark, howl, chew stuff up, and cause chaos as soon as their owner leaves.

I’ve witnessed these behaviours first hand in homes with corgis. It’s clear that corgis thrive with people around and find it tough to handle long stretches of alone time.

Are corgis social dogs? Yes, and they don't like being left alone like this Pembroke corgi in this dark apartment.

Can I have a corgi with a full-time job?

Now, this brings up a common question: should only folks without full-time jobs (or those financially supported by a stay-at-home partner) have a corgi? I don’t think so.

From what I’ve found, it’s totally doable to have a great career and be a responsible corgi owner. Plenty of people manage a full-time job while keeping their corgis happy and content.

Can I my corgi be left alone while I go to work?

Yes, you can leave your corgi alone while you go to work, but you should give them plenty to do while your away, like toys, games, and exercise.

As a seasoned dog owner, I’ve faced the common challenge of leaving my corgi alone when I head off to work. It’s only natural to worry about our furry pals when we’re not around. The decision, though, depends on some key factors.

Corgis are pretty low-maintenance and handle being on their own for a few hours.

But you need to make sure they have fresh water, food, and a comfy spot to chill while you’re away. Add some fun toys or puzzles to keep them entertained in the day.

For longer periods of absence, think about getting a dog walker or a pet sitter to check on your corgi. Another option is doggy daycare, where your corgi gets to hang out with other dogs and stay active in your absence.

Are Corgis Good House Dogs? This Pembroke Welsh Corgi is happy to be inside being held by his owner.

Why corgis don’t like being left alone?

Corgis are bred to be social dogs so they do not like being left alone.

I attest to the fact that corgis, like many herding dogs, are social creatures. Their tendency to form strong bonds with their owners is a trait of their breed.

This natural sociability means that corgis don’t like being left alone. Across generations, they’ve developed a strong, ingrained desire for close connections with their human companions and family.

As a result, even brief periods of solitude is tough for them to handle. It’s just part of what makes corgis the social and affectionate dogs that they are.

How to deal with separation anxiety in your corgi?

Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs is a tough task, but with patience and persistence, you can train your dog to ease their anxiety when you’re not around.

Here are some tips I’ve found that make it easier.

1. Gradual exposure helps them to be left alone

One effective method to tackle separation anxiety is through gradual exposure. Start by leaving your corgi alone for short durations, perhaps just a few minutes.

As your dog becomes accustomed to these brief departures, slowly increase the time you spend away.

This builds your corgi’s confidence when you leave them alone. Consistency is crucial – so make an effort to incorporate this practice into your daily routine.

2. Positive reinforcement helps them to be left alone

Create a positive association with your departures and arrivals to help fix separation anxiety.

Use positive reinforcement techniques by rewarding your corgi with treats or their favourite toys when you leave and return.

This strategy helps your corgi associate your comings and goings with positive experiences, fostering a sense of security and reducing anxiety over time.

3. Create a comfortable space for when they are left at the house

Ensuring your corgi has a comfortable and secure space when you’re not around is essential. Set up a cozy crate or designate a specific room with toys and a soft bed.

This designated area becomes a safe haven for your corgi, providing them with a sense of security and comfort during your absence.

Gradually introduce this space to your corgi when you are present, so they associate it with positive experiences.

4. Regular exercise helps minimise destructive tendencies while you’re out

Physical activity plays a crucial role in managing separation anxiety. Before leaving, engage in activities that ensure your corgi gets plenty of exercise.

 A brisk walk or some playtime not only promotes physical well-being but also tires them out, making them more relaxed during the time you’re away.

Incorporating regular exercise into your routine reduces your corgi’s anxiety levels.

5. Desensitisation training for when you’re leaving the house

This training involves acclimating your corgi to the cues that signal your departure. This includes actions like putting on shoes, grabbing keys, or any other pre-departure rituals.

Practice these cues without actually leaving, and gradually increase the intensity over time. This process helps your corgi become familiar with these signals and reduces stress of your departures.

Consistent practice is essential for success, so incorporate desensitisation training into your daily interactions with your corgi.

6 ways to keep your corgi happy when left alone at home

There are some other ways to keep your corgi happier and more chilled out for when you leave them home alone. Let’s run through the strategies now.

1. Always exercise your corgi before leaving

Make sure to give your corgi some exercise before you leave so that they stay calm for a longer time.

Despite their small size, corgis are quite energetic. Letting them burn off that energy before you go out will increase the chances of them taking a nap while you’re away.

Leaving your corgi with excess energy is akin to giving a child candy before bedtime – it’s not a good idea.

2. Provide interactive puzzle toys

Offering interactive puzzle toys is an excellent method to keep your corgi entertained and alleviate boredom for a considerable duration.

Dogs get bored and frustrated when you leave them at home alone. Without engaging activities, corgis are more likely to exhibit destructive behaviour and experience stress.

Introducing a quality interactive puzzle toy or a slow feeder keeps their minds active and consume a lot of energy.

3. Leave the television or radio turned on

This simple trick is surprisingly effective. Leaving the TV or radio muffles external sounds like traffic, people, and other animal noises.

When dogs are left in complete silence, they become more attuned to external noises. This makes them anxious and keep them in a state of high alert. This is stressful and even frightening for them.

If you want to take it a step further, try this: grab an inexpensive audio tape recorder if you don’t already have one, record yourself engaging in a random conversation (with yourself), and play this recording on a loop while you’re away.

This is almost as good as you not leaving the house in the first place.

4. Leave your corgi an unwashed t-shirt or other clothes

If your corgi is reasonably well-behaved and doesn’t destroy toys or soft items, place one of your unwashed t-shirts in their crate before you head out.

Corgis have an incredibly powerful sense of smell: 10,000 to 100,000 times more sensitive than humans. It’s quite remarkable!

So if you give them your clothes with your scent, they believe you’re still around. This calms them down.

5. Make their crate like home

Dogs in the wild often seek to make a den in order to rest, feel safe, eat, and protect themselves.

When your corgi is alone, they’re going to want to feel safe and secure, even more so than normal. So now is a great time for them to retreat to their open crate.

To make their crate even more comfortable and safe-feeling, add in a soft blanket, an old t-shirt, and a toy (be careful with choking hazards).

In the meantime, spend more time with them around their crate when you are at home. The more comfortable they are with their crate, the more powerful it will prove as a way to keep them happy when home alone.

6. Get a pet camera to keep watch

Setting up a pet cam enables you to view your corgi instantly from your smartphone, regardless of your location.

In a matter of seconds, you can check whether they’re resting, playing, or showing signs of boredom and frustration.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean you drop everything and rush home at any moment, it does offer the convenience of reaching out to a friend or family member if necessary.

Additionally, having a pet camera allows you to gain insights into how long your corgi comfortably spends alone without experiencing distress.

Are Corgis High Maintenance Dogs? This corgi is being naughty, hiding in the garden away from his owner.

How long can I leave my corgi alone?

You can leave your corgi alone for up to 8 hours, but make sure they have water, food, and a comfortable space.

To prevent boredom, provide toys or puzzles. If you need to leave them longer, consider a dog walker, pet sitter, or doggy daycare.

Leaving them alone for too long may cause anxiety or behavioural issues, so seek advice from a vet or dog trainer if needed.

Final thoughts on whether corgis can be left alone

You can leave corgis alone when you leave the house – but do remember, they are social creatures.

If extended periods alone are unavoidable, consider options like a dog walker, pet sitter, or doggy daycare to ensure your corgi’s well-being.

Always monitor your corgi’s behaviour and consult with professionals if you have concerns about leaving them alone for an extended duration.

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