Are Corgis Good Dogs? 6 Great Reasons to Get a Corgi

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Written By Dane Michael

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It’s not hard to be convinced to get a dog. If you’ve got the time, the cash, and the space, the decision is pretty much given. Dogs make good pets.

Now when it comes to corgis, they’re the dog the internet has been telling you about. You’ve seen them hanging out with the royal family and strutting on your TV screen in Brooklyn 99.

But why – out of all the breeds in the world – should you get yourself a corgi.? And are they going to be the right dog for your home?

Yes, corgis are good dogs. They make great pets because of they are good with kids, energetic, easy to groom, and can even improve your mental health.

1. Corgis are good with young kids and families

Every breed is unique. Some were bred to be hunters and fighters – and some have maxed out on intelligence and emotion.

If you have a family or often welcome friends into your home, a corgi can be a wonderful addition. They are friendly and smart, making them unlikely to bite when new people come around.

Personally, I’ve noticed that my corgi really enjoys being around kids. He’s always happy when the neighborhood kids want to pet him during our regular walks.

Corgis are known for their high intelligence and friendliness, making them easy to get along with various people. They quickly adapt to new situations and become an integral part of your family and the neighborhood.

This means you can confidently bring around your grandma and favorite niece and nephew without worrying about their safety. However, be cautious with very young children. A corgi may not react well to being hit, chased, or squeezed, which kids sometimes do.

Do you know how to socialise your corgi? These two social corgis are laying with each other on the ground.

2. Corgis are good with other dogs, cats, and animals

We’ve all heard those scary stories about pets not getting along. Nobody wants to be a referee in doggy showdowns between pups who just can’t stand each other.

Corgis, luckily, have a friendly attitude towards other animals. They happily join walks, playdates, and adventures with fellow dogs. You might even catch them chilling and playing together at home.

If you have pets with different energy levels, like a laid-back dog and a lively corgi, some extra training might be needed to ensure they get along.

In my experience, my corgi gets along well with various animals. However, a friend of mine had to gently encourage their corgi to play with others.

Here’s a trick they shared with me that might help you too.

Give your corgi and other pets their own space, then slowly introduce them. Once they’ve settled, they’re likely to become great pals.

Corgis are naturally curious about other animals, and they tend to treat them gently. While they may take a bit of time to warm up to new friends, once they bond, it’s for life. It’s not uncommon to see corgis and cats hanging out together after getting used to each other.

Just be cautious with very small animals like rats and rabbits. Although it’s rare, a corgi’s bite can cause damage at that size.

Do Corgis Fart? Yes. This corgi puppy might be ready to do one now.

3. Corgis are good watch dogs

Let’s be clear about this – there’s a big difference between watch dogs and guard dogs.

A guard dog is trained to protect your home from unexpected intruders, both human and animal. It’s smart enough not to bother or attack the people living in the house unless there’s a real problem.

On the other hand, a watch dog keeps an eye on your household. These dogs typically bark when they sense something unusual. They should be able to tell the difference between what’s normal and what’s not. This is why you might hear dogs barking at neighbors walking down the street.

In my case, my little furry friend knows when someone’s at the front door or even down the block. The barking can be a bit much, so I recommend training.

Due to their smaller size, corgis aren’t great as guard dogs. However, they can be effective watch dogs. They may not attack like a big Doberman, but they’re very aware of their surroundings. They can sense when something’s off.

While you shouldn’t rely on them to guard the house alone, they can alert you to potential dangers. So, even though you should still secure valuable items, you can sleep better knowing your corgi is watching over you.

A corgi standing in the grass looking downward toward a treat.

4. Corgis have lots of energy

Every good interior designer will tell you that rooms need a lively touch. Some people choose wildflowers or house plants, while others go for antique furniture and sports memorabilia. And then there are those with great taste who bring in a pet full of energy.

If you’re looking for excitement in your life, a corgi is an excellent companion. My corgi and I spend our weekends at the local park, mingling with other dog owners.

Corgis have what many consider the perfect energy level for a dog. They’re highly active and can go out for the entire day without needing a nap at lunchtime. They love a good stroll and are always ready for family adventures.

What’s great is they’re not hyperactive and don’t require extensive walks like some larger breeds. If you need to cut a trip short, corgis are adaptable and can happily burn off energy on their own. If you’re up for watching them joyfully zoom around the house, a corgi will add some spice to your life.

Plus, they’re always ready with a happy face on those long days when all you need is a hug. Just holding their fluffy bodies is sure to transfer their contagious joy to you.

5. Corgis are easy to groom

Going to the hairdresser can be a hassle – the dilemma of whether to wash before, choosing the right reference photo, and the shocking cost for a simple blowout. Grooming a dog, especially big hairy ones like Samoyeds and Malamutes, is a challenge.

Enter the corgi. There’s no fuss here. They have a medium-dense double coat that’s easy to manage with a quick brush each day. Personally, I’ve had to get used to grooming because if I wait too long, the hair starts to mat.

You only need to grow once a month or two in summer and winter. You need to do it a bit more often in autumn and spring. That means saving money and fewer trips to the groomer.

And let’s not even talk about the relief of not dealing with a massive pool of water for bathing. Corgis’ small size makes cleaning and bathing a breeze – just a bathtub and a bucket, and you’re good to go. The faster the process, the more time for play and fun.

The easy grooming routine also makes corgis an excellent pet for kids to learn responsibility in taking care of a pet. It’s a crucial skill for them to develop as they grow up.

Are corgis social dogs? Yes, and they don't like being left alone like this Pembroke corgi in this dark apartment.

​6. Corgis are good for your mental health

Petting a dog, especially a corgi, can make you feel happy because it triggers hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, which give you warm, fuzzy feelings similar to falling in love.

Corgis, being a friendly and easygoing breed, can positively impact your mood. Their joyful energy rubs off on you, much like being around happy people. Interacting with your corgi, with their big beautiful eyes, can give you a more positive outlook on your day.

When we’re feeling down, we tend to withdraw from others. Having a corgi as a pet encourages you to go for walks and be around people. This increases the chances of engaging in conversations with strangers, which can lift your mood.

Corgis are creatures of routine, and having one as a pet means you need to stick to a schedule. This structured routine, including eating, walking, and sleeping at set times, can help improve your day and provide some much-needed structure.

One often overlooked benefit is the unconditional love a corgi provides. Unlike human relationships with their complexities and conflicts, a corgi’s love is straightforward and unwavering. They love you, and you love them. That’s enough.

A corgi trying to listen for their friends in the grass.

Final thoughts on whether corgis are good dogs?

The world is filled with great dog breeds. But the corgi stands tall (or short-legged) above the rest! From its friendly temperament to its lively energy, there are plenty of reasons to buy a corgi.

Once you take the plunge into corgi ownership, share your joy with me in the comments below.

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