Flirt Pole for Corgis: A Guide for Dog Owners

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If you’re looking for a fun new game to play with your corgi, let me introduce the flirt pole.

A flirt pole is a long stick with a toy at the end that your corgi is going to love. I’ve seen so incredibly fun play sessions, all thanks to the power of this great toy.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to get started including why you should use them, how to find the right one, how to use it with your dog.

I’ll also share tips on how you can make the most of flirt poles for training and play.

What is a Flirt Pole?

A flirt pole is a dog toy for training and play. It is a long pole with a toy dangling from the end with rope. It looks a bit like a fishing rod with a pole, line and lure.

You can use it to keep your corgi active by getting them to chase and catch the moving toy—which acts like the fishing lure.

It’s a great tool that imitates the actions of small animals like squirrels or rabbits, activating your dog’s natural hunting instincts. And from experience, corgis love it! And if you have other dogs, you’ll find they love it too.

This is a flirt pole with a pole, a rope, and a lure – waiting for a dog to play.
A corgi with a flirt pole

Why should you use a flirt pole with your corgi?

Flirt poles help keep your corgi active, busy, and bonded with you.

Here’s why you should consider incorporating this tool into your dog’s daily routine:

1. Keeps your corgi fit

Corgis are full of energy, and they need regular exercise to stay healthy.

A flirt pole lets you play with your corgi in an active way, with running and jumping. This helps them use up their extra energy and stay in good shape.

Regular use of your flirt pole will see improved cardiovascular health, muscle tone, and weight management in your corgi. And you may even see a little in yourself too!

2. Keeps your corgi’s brain busy

Corgis need more than just physical activity; they also need mental challenges to stay happy and avoid boredom. That’s because corgis are a very smart dog breed.

A flirt pole makes your corgi think and react as they chase the toy at the end of the pole.

3. Builds the bond between you and your dog

Playing with a pole is a great way to build a stronger bond with your corgi.

It’s a game you can enjoy together, and you can also use it for teaching commands. Many owners I’ve spoken to have lots of great memories with their dog and their flirt pole.

“My 7-month-old pup wasn’t keen on fetch and had issues with walks – making exercise a challenge. The flirt pole was a game-changer. Now, lunchtime is a blast. It not only tires her out and has transformed walks into a joy”

Reddit user: crumbs18
This young corgi is playing with a flirt pole.
This corgi is having lots of fun with their flirt pole.

How to choose the right flirt pole for your corgi?

Choose your flirt pole based on how the size, durability, and lure matches with your dog and the space you have to play.

Not all poles are created equal. To make the best choice for your pup, consider the following when picking one for your dog.

1. Length of the flirt pole

A pole around 5 feet (1.5 metres) is good for most corgis.

The length of the pole matters. It needs to be just right—not too short, so your dog can move around easily to catch the lure, and not too long, so it’s easy for you to handle.

Some flirt poles can be adjusted to fit your dog’s size and the space you have.

If space is an issue, find a pole you can take apart or fold for easy storage. This is handy if you want to bring it along when you’re traveling or playing in different places.

2. Durability of the flirt pole

Look for a flirt pole made of durable materials, especially if you have a strong or energetic corgi.

Check that the pole, cord, and the toy at the end are well-made and can withstand your dog’s tugging and pulling without easily breaking. The toy at the end should be firmly attached to avoid it accidentally coming off and your dog swallowing it.

Smaller dogs may need a lighter and more manageable flirt pole, while larger breeds may require a sturdier one. You also need to check the pole is easy for you to handle as well.

3. The type of lure your dog prefers

Think about what kind of toy your dog likes when choosing the one for the flirt pole. It should be attractive to your dog and strong enough to handle their biting.

Using different textures or materials can make playtime more interesting. Toys with bright colours can be more attractive, but they can also be overstimulating for some dogs.

Your best bet is to pick a lure that matches in with their favourite toys.

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How to use a flirt pole safely?

To use a flirt pole safely, make sure there’s enough space around you. Avoid sudden movements, hold the pole securely, and check that the lure is in good shape. This helps prevent injuries to both you and your dog.

Play safely with your dog using a flirt pole. Find a safe and open area, like a fenced yard or a roomy indoor space, without any potential dangers like sharp objects.

Adjust the pole’s length based on your dog’s size and the play area – longer for outside, shorter for inside.

If your dog is new to the flirt pole, let them sniff and get familiar with it before starting to play to avoid fear. Before intense play, warm up your dog by gently moving the pole around, especially if they’re not used to a lot of activity.

Keep an eye on your dog’s energy level – if they seem tired, take a break to prevent overexertion and injury. When not in use, store the pole out of your dog’s reach to stay clear of accidents.

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How to get your corgi to use a flirt pole?

Get your corgi to have fun with the flirt pole by moving it in a way that grabs their attention. Reward them with treats or praise when they join in and play.

Corgis are smart and playful dogs that like chasing and fetching toys. Using a flirt pole is a great way to give your corgi exercise and keep their mind active.

However, some dogs might need some help getting used to it. Follow these steps to teach your corgi to enjoy the flirt pole.

1. Introduce your corgi to the flirt pole

Give your corgi some time to sniff and get used to the smell and feel of the pole and the lure.

Don’t start moving it or playing with it just yet. Just make sure they are comfortable.

2. Build curiosity in your corgi

Move the lure slowly without sudden or jerky motions. The aim is to spark your corgi’s curiosity and make them interested in following the moving object.

If your corgi shows any signs of interest, like sniffing the lure, watching it, or trying to chase it, give them a treat and praise them verbally.

3. Build your corgi’s excitement

When your corgi is interested, begin moving the lure swiftly and unpredictably.

This activates their natural instinct to chase, making them excited to join in. Once you build their excitement, you can continue this for the rest of play time.

4. Manage your corgi’s expectations

Let your corgi grab the toy sometimes to reward them and keep them excited. Just make sure they don’t hold onto it for too much time.

Change the speed and direction of the toy to keep your corgi interested and prevent them from getting bored or figuring out the pattern.

Continue praising and rewarding your corgi when they chase and catch the toy. This helps them associate the toy with fun times and keeps them keen to play.

And don’t forget to wrap up each play session on a high note. This leaves your corgi looking forward to the next round of fun.

How to train your corgi using a flirt pole

Once your corgi is used to playing with the flirt pole, use it during training.

You can teach commands like sit, stay, and lie down with it. You can read through my guides on training these skills:

After they follow your commands, let your dog catch the lure for a short time, praise them, but make sure they let go and start again.

The flirt pole is a great tool for teaching them the ‘release’ command – and it’s going to come in handy.

Which flirt pole should I get?

One pole I recommend that is affordable for owners is the ‎Dewonch Flirt Pole.

The pole itself is really strong and won’t break easily, even if your dog likes to chew. And the string won’t snap back and hurt you or your corgi – which can happen with some cheaper models.

The toy attached to the pole is soft and safe for your dog to play with. It’s easy to wash too, unlike some flirt poles.

You can order yours now from Amazon.

A young puppy with a flirt pole.
The Dewonch Flirt Pole is great for all mid-sized dogs.

Final thoughts on corgis and flirt poles

Forget stuffy squeaky toys, unleash the inner zoomies of your corgi with the magic of the flirt pole. It’s exercise, mental stimulation, and bonding all rolled into one good time.

Before you let loose your tiny playful tornado, choose a flirt pole wisely (think sturdy build and playful lure) and always prioritise safety (no sudden yanks!). You’ll see them having lots of fun and staying active for hours.

Try the flirt pole with your corgis and share your experiences and tips below!

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