How to Pronounce Corgi? Corgi Phrases You Need to Know

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Corgis are smart and friendly, making them excellent pets for families and as working companions. But before grandma and the kids come asking – do you know how to say “corgi” correctly in English?

Correct pronunciation is important for better communication and understanding, especially when speaking with native English speakers.

​In this quick, easy-to-follow guide, I’ll cover the correct pronunciation of corgi in English, common mistakes to avoid, and tips for better pronunciation.

How to pronounce corgi? What does the word corgi sound like?​

The pronunciation of “Corgi” is “kawr-gee” with a hard ‘g’ sound, similar to the word “get”. It is not pronounced as “kor-jee” with a soft ‘g’ like in “giraffe”.

​The pronunciation of “corgi” is consistent across various forms of English. However, in British English, the ‘r’ sound is usually prolonged when you compare it to the American pronunciation.

Imagine the difference between “core” (British) and “cor” (American).

The Cambridge Dictionary has pronunciations for both English and American accents. To give you a better understanding right here, here’s how you say the word in American English.

What is the phonetic pronunciation of corgi?​

When learning to speak English, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the common sounds of the language.
One effective way to do so is by studying phonetics. Using phonetics, here is the UK transcription of “corgi”:

  • Modern IPA: kóːgɪj
  • Traditional IPA: ˈkɔːgiː
  • Two syllables: “KAW” + “ghee”

The word “corgi” starts with a hard “k” sound, followed by a short “aw” sound, as in the word “saw.” You pronounce th second syllable with a hard “g” sound and a long “ee” sound, similar to the word “see.” You should place the emphasis on the first syllable.

Here are two examples of how “corgi” can be pronounced:

  • “Kawr-ghee” (with the “k” and “g” sounds pronounced sharply)
  • “Kor-ghee” (with a softer “k” sound and a sharper “g” sound)

Notably, the hard ‘g’ sound is where most people run into trouble.

Is corgi a Welsh word?​

Yes, “corgi” is a Welsh term. The “corgi” dog breed got its name from the Welsh word for “dwarf dog” due to its small stature and short legs.

The experts believe the word “corgi” has Welsh origins and is a combination of two Welsh words, “cor” meaning “dwarf” and “ci” meaning “dog.”

​The term was initially used to describe a type of small, sturdy dog with short legs used for herding cattle in Wales. The dog, like the name, comes from Wales and has been a beloved companion animal in the UK for many years.

​The definition of “corgi” has remained largely unchanged over time. It still refers to a specific breed of dog and is used in various settings, including dog shows and as a popular pet.”

Why do some people pronounce corgi like kor-jee? Is the G in corgi hard or soft?

Have you ever heard someone pronounce the word “corgi” as “kor-jee”? I know I certainly have.

It’s a common mispronunciation. So why do some people get it wrong?

​The answer lies in the way you pronounce the ‘gi’ sound. Some people interpret it as a soft g, like the g in “giant” or “giraffe.”

However, as the word “corgi” is Welsh, you should pronounce the letters “c” and “g” as hard sounds. This is like in the words “car” or “knocker.” So, the g in “corgi” should actually be pronounced like a hard g, like the g in “get.”

​It’s important to get the pronunciation right, not only to show your love and appreciation for these amazing dogs, but also to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

Practice makes perfect: how to get better at your pronunciation

Practice is key to improving your pronunciation, particularly if English is not your first language.

Repeat the correct pronunciation of corgi several times, paying attention to the sound and rhythm of the word.

​Consider recording yourself and comparing it to audio examples of the correct pronunciation. Regular practice will help you to say corgi like a native speaker.

Common corgi phrases you need to know​

Corgis are a great breed of dog that are famous across the world. They are smart, energetic, and super friendly.

If you’re a fan of these cute pups, you should know some of the common words people use to describe them and their personalities.

These are some of the top phases you need to know.

What is a corgi momo?

In Japanese culture, the word “momo” refers to the sweet and juicy fruit, the peach.

However, the peach emoji (🍑) has garnered a second meaning in recent times. One that is not as innocent as its original intention.

​Due to its round and plump shape, the peach emoji has become a symbol of the buttocks. This is why people call the famous corgi butt a momo.

Corgi butts are famous for their unique and adorable appearance. These dogs have short legs and a plump hindquarters that give them a distinctive look.

These cute and lovable traits have helped make corgi butts a fan-favourite and have cemented their status as one of the most famous animal behinds in the world.

What is a corgi sploot?​

A corgi sploot is a playful posture that corgis often adopt when they are relaxed and comfortable.

To create a sploot, a corgi sticks its hind legs straight out behind it, but instead of keeping its front legs tucked under its body, it spreads them out to the sides.

You can see this posture when corgis are soaking up the sun, and it’s a sign that they are happy and content. The corgi sploot is a cute and distinctive way that corgis express their carefree personalities.

What is a corgi snoot?​

A corgi’s snoot is just another word for its nose and muzzle. But have you ever wondered where the word “snoot” came from?

Well, it turns out that it’s been around since the 1860s. “Snoot” is just a different way of saying “snout,” which means “the nose or muzzle of an animal.”

The word “snout” actually comes from the German word “Schnauze,” which is also where we get the name “schnauzer,” a breed of dog.

Corgis have some seriously powerful sniffers! While humans have about five million receptors in their noses, dogs have a whopping 300 million! That’s why they’re such great sniffers and can smell things that humans can’t.

So, the next time you see a Corgi with its snoot in the air, know that it’s taking in all sorts of amazing smells!

Final thoughts on how to pronounce corgi

In conclusion, the correct pronunciation of corgi in English is “kawr-gee”. If you’re an English speaker, that’s it, that’s all you need to know.

If English is not your first language, pay attention to the correct sound and avoid common mistakes. Practice makes perfect, so repeat the correct pronunciation regularly and consider recording yourself to track your progress.

With these tips and exercises, you’ll get better as an English speaker and be able to have great conversations about your favourite dog breed.

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